CompuWeb Communications Services

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Bookmark this page now as it contains all your setup information.

Account Information

Please note:-

  • Our system is SeNsItIvE to upper and lower case.

  • You should place your main page as index.html, index.htm or index.shtml. This is the page that displays automatically when someone visits

  • When you upload any perl, html or txt files then you should do so in ASCII Mode, zip files and images files should be uploaded in binary mode.

  • Your POP e-mail boxes, SMTP server, and summary statistics will not be accessible until your domain takes effect.

  • Files that include Server Side Includes (SSI) must end in the .shtml extension.

How can I log into my new account?

Once your domain is active on the Internet you will be able to specify the following settings to log into your account:-

Web Server -
FTP Server -
Telnet Server -
Incoming Mail Server -

How can I get my e-mail?

We have setup a POP3 e-mail box for you, this will allow you to download e-mail from our server.

To make this work you need to specify the following settings in your favourite e-mail client:-

E-mail Address:
Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server: (your ISP outgoing mail server)
POP Account Name: madinah/
Password: (included in your welcome e-mail) has also been setup to forward to your POP3 mail box.

How can I get my web site statistics?

here to get your daily graphical statistics. Please note this will start on the following Sunday.

You raw logs are in:-